Repatriation of deceased persons from UK to Romania

Repatriation of deceased persons from UK to Romania

The repatriation of deceased Romanians to Great Britain is one of the funeral services whose demand has increased in recent years, with the increase in the number of Romanian citizens living in Great Britain and working in this country.

How many Romanians live in Great Britain

The Romanian community is represented in large numbers in Great Britain, given the fact that many of our compatriots work in this country.

It is estimated that approximately 400,000 Romanians live in the UK, and many of them have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of repatriating one of their deceased relatives to the territory of this country.

What needs to be done to repatriate a Romanian citizen who died in the UK?

transport repatriere masina funerara transport funerar intrnationalMost of the time, in the case of the death of a Romanian in Great Britain, the relatives want to repatriate the body of the deceased so that it can be buried in Romania.

If a deceased person is to be repatriated to the UK, a number of procedures need to be followed in order for the repatriation to take place.

  1. Obtaining repatriation documents in the event of death (death certificate, mortuary passport, etc.)
  2. Contact a Romanian funeral service company that will handle the formalities for repatriating the deceased, transporting or picking up and handling the coffin at the airport or another point, translating the necessary documents into the country repatriation, etc.
  3. Contact a funeral home company in the UK in the area where the death occurred , most of the time the Romanian company can recommend a company that works with or specializes in repatriations , in the country and city of repatriation.
  4. Purchasing products and services required by UK law for repatriates
  5. Establish repatriation data , day and time, notification to UK authorities, etc.
  6. Translating documents from English into Romanian, and obtaining the burial place and burial permits.

Most of the time, because the law differs from country to country, it is good to urgently contact a funeral services company specialized in repatriates working in Romania, so its representatives will tell you exactly what to do and what steps to follow in order to be able to repatriate the deceased person to Romania.

Moreover, if you are in the situation of knowing that in the near future you will need to repatriate a deceased person from Great Britain to Romania, it is advisable to contact a funeral home in Romania or a company of funerals for the repatriation of the deceased from Great Britain to Romania.

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What kind of coffin is used for repatriation from Great Britain to Romania?

The repatriation of deceased persons from Great Britain to Romania is done in zinc coffins, which must then be introduced in classic coffins, made of certain wood essences and respecting norms of thickness and dimensions imposed by the legislation of Great Britain.

One of the mandatory rules in the case of funeral transport is that the coffin be hermetically sealed and secured so that it cannot be opened during transport, either intentionally or accidentally.

How is repatriation done from the UK?

The transport of a deceased person for repatriation can be done only by using funeral service companies from both countries: a company from Great Britain and a company from Romania , the transport formalities must contain the identification data of the Romanian funeral services company that will take over the coffin.

For example, a plane ticket for transporting the coffin can only be bought when you have the data of the company that takes over the deceased in Romania, otherwise the plane ticket for the transport of the deceased United Kingdom – Romania cannot be bought.

Also, airlines do not board the coffin until after confirming with the Romanian funeral services company that a representative of it will pick up the coffin from the cargo area of ​​the airport at the set date and time. The reason is that in the cargo area of ​​the airport there are no conditions for keeping the coffin, and it is forbidden to park it, so before starting the transport procedures for repatriation it is necessary to have contacted a Romanian funeral company that can also offer deceased repatriation services .

Funeral transport of deceased persons to the UK is most often done by land, as it is cheaper than repatriation by plane.

Our company has a fleet of vehicles equipped with authorized special vehicles for international funeral transport with which we frequently make repatriations from European countries. Read more about international transportation and deceased repatriates .

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